unraveling the mystery of lyme disease

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Casting a Broad Net to Maximize Lyme Disease Recovery

This talk will focus on casting a broad net to maximize recovery from Lyme disease. It will discuss mold illness, parasites, dental issues, emotional/mental factors, and more.

About Scott

I am a FDN-P, certified ART practitioner, health coach, and health consultant. I am a blogger, blogcaster, health writer, patient advocate, support group facilitator, conference moderator, and LymeLight Foundation board member. I have lived through 20 years of Lyme disease and mold illness and come out the other side of these complex conditions with new perspectives for which I am very grateful. Through this difficult experience emerged my purpose and passion in helping others to recover their lives. My website is betterhealthguy.com.

Scott Forsgren, FDN-P