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Anna Strong, RN, CCH, CMSAT

unraveling the mystery of lyme disease

Homeopathy/Energy Healing Modalities: More Tools For The Tool Chest

The purpose of the presentation is to share information about the existence of supportive energy healing modalities that can be used to help the body heal from Lyme. Homeopathic remedies, QiGong, energetic signature scanning, photon/nosode therapy, Rife therapy and live food verses dead food will be briefly covered so as to leave time for questions and answers. By using an integrative approach that includes energy healing modalities alongside conventional medicine, we get the best of both worlds.

About Anna

Anna Strong RN, Certified Classical Homeopath, currently works with Dr. Dan O’Neill at CDA Wellness as a Homeopathic and Holistic Health Consultant. Anna may be reached at